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What is Two-Way SMS?

Two-way SMS is a communication method that involves the exchange of text messages between a business or organization and mobile users in a bidirectional manner. Unlike traditional SMS, where messages are sent from a sender to a receiver with no immediate response, two-way SMS allows for interactive and conversational communication.

Key Components of Two-Way SMS

Two-way SMS messaging relies on the following key components:

Keywords and Short Codes

To initiate a two-way SMS conversation, mobile users are required to send a specific keyword to a predetermined short code, such as texting “JOIN” to 55555. In response to the keyword, an automatic reply is generated.

Two-Way Interaction

Two-way SMS enables real-time, two-way interaction between businesses and customers, allowing for meaningful conversations.

Benefits of Two-Way SMS

Two-way SMS offers several advantages for businesses and organizations:

Meaningful Conversations

Businesses and organizations are increasingly using two-way SMS to engage in genuine and interactive conversations with their customers. This approach acknowledges the desire for authentic communication, and it allows brands to connect with their audiences in ways that were not previously possible.

Example Use Case for Two-Way SMS

Imagine you own a retail store, and you’ve placed signs inviting customers to text a keyword to a designated short code to join your mobile club. For instance, a customer named Susie visits your store, sees the sign, and sends a text with the keyword to the short code. After she opts in, she receives an automatic two-way SMS reply that you’ve designed. This reply could thank her for joining, send her a one-time mobile coupon, or even enroll her in a text-to-win contest. This approach allows businesses to be creative and establish connections with their audience.

Creativity in Two-Way SMS

Two-way SMS provides an opportunity for creative marketing beyond traditional advertising. For example, you can run trivia-style campaigns to engage your customers in interactive conversations. By holding their attention for a longer period, you are increasing your chances of converting a sale.

How to Use Two-Way SMS

As they say, communication is not a one-way street. This is not only true for verbal communication, but for SMS as well. Successful business communication strategies are founded on building relationships, not just a one-way conversation where a company dominates the narrative.

With that said, if you’re not truly interacting with your customers, you’re also missing some great opportunities to learn and grow.

That’s why we’ve developed a Two-Way SMS gateway that gives you a suite of tools for building and growing customer relationships and gathering business intelligence. Our platform lets you customize messages to prompt YES/NO responses, let your customers complete surveys, and more.

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