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Understanding Short Codes: Golden, Dedicated, and Shared

In the world of mobile communication and marketing, short codes play a pivotal role in reaching audiences efficiently and effectively. Short codes are abbreviated phone numbers that are used for various purposes, such as promotions, surveys, and information retrieval. In Kenya, there are different types of short codes, each with its unique characteristics and costs. Let’s explore the three primary types of short codes: Golden Short Codes, Dedicated Short Codes, and Shared Short Codes.

Golden Short Code

Golden Short Codes are those coveted, easy-to-remember short codes that often consist of repeating digits, like 20888 or 22444. Due to their high demand and memorability, they are considered valuable assets in the world of mobile marketing. However, this premium comes at a cost.

Set Up Fee (one-time)Ksh 230,000
Monthly Fee (per network)Ksh 15,000
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Golden Short Codes are ideal for businesses or organizations with the budget to invest in a highly recognizable and brand-specific short code.

Dedicated Short Code

Dedicated Short Codes are short codes that are exclusively assigned to one client. They are the personalized short codes that offer a high degree of customization and exclusivity. When you choose a Dedicated Short Code, it becomes your personal short code, and no other business or service will have the same code.

Set Up Fee (one-time)Ksh 35,000
Monthly Fee (per network)Ksh 15,000
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Dedicated Short Codes are perfect for businesses or organizations that require a unique and highly tailored messaging solution for their customers.

Shared Short Code

Shared Short Codes are short codes that can be allocated to multiple clients simultaneously. They are a cost-effective alternative to Golden and Dedicated short codes, making them more accessible to businesses with budget constraints. Shared Short Codes are easier and cheaper to set up.

Set Up Fee (one-time)Ksh 5,000
Monthly Fee (per network)Ksh 5,000
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Shared Short Codes are an excellent choice for businesses looking for a budget-friendly option while still benefiting from the advantages of using short codes for their messaging needs.


This table below provides a quick comparison of the key attributes of Golden, Dedicated, and Shared Short Codes, helping businesses make an informed choice based on their specific requirements and budget.

AttributeGolden Short CodeDedicated Short CodeShared Short Code
Set Up Fee (one-time)Ksh 230,000Ksh 35,000Ksh 5,000
Monthly Fee (per network)Ksh 15,000Ksh 15,000Ksh 5,000
Customization OptionsLimitedExtensiveLimited
Ideal forHigh-budget campaignsCustomized servicesCost-effective
AvailabilityLimited availabilityExclusive to clientShared among clients
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In summary, the choice between Golden, Dedicated, and Shared Short Codes in Kenya depends on your specific goals, budget, and the level of customization you require. Golden Short Codes are memorable but come at a premium cost. Dedicated Short Codes offer exclusivity and customization. Shared Short Codes provide a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to leverage the benefits of short codes without breaking the bank. Select the one that aligns best with your mobile marketing strategy and budget to enhance your communication with your target audience.

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