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Lineserve Bulk SMS Pricing

Lineserve Bulk SMS Pricing

Bulk SMS enables you to deliver a large number of SMSes to mobile phone subscribers at once. You can send out SMS notifications, alerts, and reminders conveniently from your Lineserve account. The pricing for Bulk SMS is as follows:

Amount (KES)SafaricomAirtelTelkomEquitel
0 – 10,0000.
10,001 – 50,0000.
50,001 – 100,0000.
100,001 – 300,0000.
300,001 – 500,0000.
500,001 – 999,9990.
1M – ∞

Voice SMS Pricing

Voice messages are typed into the platform in text format, and the message is received as spoken words. You can choose between male or female voices and specify the number of times the message will be repeated. The pricing for Voice SMS is as follows:

Amount (KES)SafaricomAirtelTelkomEquitel
All SMS10101010

Sender ID for Kenya

Sender IDs enable a company to send Bulk SMS in the organization’s name for easier recognition by their subscribers. Sender IDs can have a maximum of 11 characters with no spaces. The pricing for Sender IDs in Kenya is as follows:

NetworkOn off Cost (KES)
Bundled Safaricom & Airtel12,600
Safaricom only7,500
Airtel only7,500

Shortcode for Kenya

SMS Shortcodes (e.g., 22366) enable you to conduct Two-Way SMS messaging with your clients. Your recipients receive the message as coming from your shortcode and can directly reply to your message as they would to a normal SMS.

NetworkOn off Cost (KES)
Safaricom17,500 per month
Airtel17,500 per month
Equitel17,500 per month
Telkom10,500 per month
Setup17,000 One-Time Payment

(Note: Prices are 16% VAT inclusive)

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