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Driving School Management System


At Lineserve, a leading software development company in Kenya, we are proud to present Landa, a cutting-edge Driving School Management System designed to revolutionize the way driving schools operate.

Lineserve Driving School Management System

In response to the prevalent use of outdated and inefficient physical books for scheduling classes and record-keeping, Landa offers a comprehensive solution to streamline daily tasks and ensure smooth school operations.

Key Features of Landa

  1. Scheduling: Landa enables driving schools to create and monitor class schedules efficiently. With a user-friendly calendar displaying all classes, the risk of double bookings is eliminated. Moreover, students receive SMS notifications upon booking a class, ensuring seamless communication.
  2. Student Management: Store and access student records from anywhere, making it easy to search and retrieve specific student details whenever needed.
  3. Online Learning Portal: Landa allows driving schools to establish an online curriculum and provide learning resources for students to access from any device and location.
  4. Online Examination: Conduct online exams for driving school students, instantly generating results for timely feedback.
  5. Notes and Attachments: Instructors and staff can create and upload notes on student profiles, ensuring efficient information sharing.
  6. Instructors: Course instructors have their own login accounts to access and manage their schedules.
  7. Branches: Landa accommodates driving schools with multiple branches, making branch management seamless and straightforward.
  8. Stats Dashboard: A visually appealing dashboard provides valuable statistics about the school’s performance and progress.
  9. Invoice Management: Landa automatically generates and sends invoices to students upon course registration. Driving schools can effortlessly track invoices, update balances, and manage payments.
  10. Payment Records: Keep a comprehensive record of all received payments for future reference and to automatically update invoices.
  11. Reminders: Landa sends timely reminders to students for late payments and upcoming classes, ensuring better attendance and timely payments.
  12. Fleets: Easily manage and schedule driving school fleets for efficient assignment and utilization.
  13. Notifications: Landa saves and displays essential notifications related to important activities within the driving school.
  14. Communications: With this feature, driving schools can effortlessly send SMS or email messages to students, staff, instructors, or all users on the system. The message history is archived for future reference.
  15. Courses: Maintain a well-organized list of courses with essential details such as prices, number of classes, instructors, etc., facilitating smooth student enrollment.
  16. Staff: Driving schools can create accounts for their employees to manage daily school operations effectively.
  17. Multi-User Support: Landa allows the creation of a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, supporting multiple school accounts for broader usability.
  18. Beautiful and Responsive UI: Landa boasts an attractive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a pleasant user experience.
  19. Fast Processing Speed: Built with clean PHP code using the MVC model, Landa offers fast processing speed and optimal performance.


Join us in embracing the future of driving school management with Landa. Say goodbye to archaic methods and embrace the efficiency, accessibility, and accuracy that Landa brings to your driving school. Call us today at 0777 002 003 for a free demo.

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