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Introducing Lineserve’s Bulk SMS WHMCS Module for Kenya: Affordable, Automated SMS Solutions

Lineserve’s WHMCS Module lets you send messages for just Ksh 0.20 each (that’s as low as $0.002) to anyone on any network. And the best part? It’s free!

Our Bulk SMS WHMCS Module is made to be super easy for our customers. You can send messages through your WHMCS system without needing to be a computer expert. It works well with the newest WHMCS versions and covers all the different messages WHMCS sends. Setting it up is simple, changing the settings is easy, and you can start using it right away.

Key Features of Our SMS Module:

  1. SMS Settings: Configure SMS gateway settings and SMS alert message templates.
  2. Client Login: Automatically send an SMS to your clients when they log into their accounts.
  3. Client Registration: Notify your clients that their accounts are set up and they will receive SMS Alerts.
  4. Client Password Change: Alert your clients when their client area password is modified.
  5. 2FA via SMS: Clients can enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via SMS.
  6. Client Affiliate Activation: Inform clients that their affiliate accounts are successfully activated.
  7. Invoice Created: Notify clients when an invoice is generated.
  8. Invoice Paid: Send a thank-you message to clients for successful payments.
  9. Invoice Reminder: Remind clients when an invoice is due or nearly due.
  10. Invoice Overdue Notifications: Inform clients at each stage of overdue invoices.
  11. Module Status Updates: Keep clients in the loop regarding service status changes (Active, Suspended, Reactivated, Terminated).
  12. Module Password Change: Alert clients when their service password is updated.
  13. Cancellation Request: Acknowledge receipt of clients’ cancellation requests.
  14. Domain Notifications: Keep clients informed about domain-related events (Registration, Transfer, Renewal, Overdue).
  15. Support Ticket Response: Send SMS alerts to clients when there are admin responses to their support tickets.
  16. Customization: Enable or disable individual features from the list and personalize SMS messages.
  17. Resend Messages: Resend previously sent SMS messages.
  18. Manual Messaging: Send manual SMS messages to any mobile number with custom content.
  19. Sender ID: Display your company name as the sender of SMS messages.
  20. Admin Two-Factor Authentication: Set mobile numbers for your admins to enable two-factor authentication.
  21. Opt-Out Option: Clients can opt-out of SMS notifications.
  22. Admin Configuration: Admins can choose which SMS messages clients will receive.
  23. Admin Staff Notifications: Keep your staff informed with SMS messages for various events.
  24. Birthday Messages: Configure birthday messages for clients.
  25. Multi-Language Support: Cater to a diverse client base with multiple languages.
  26. Mass SMS: Send SMS to multiple clients simultaneously.
  27. Character Count: Monitor the number of characters in your messages as you type.
  28. Client Summary Page: Send SMS directly from the client summary page.
  29. WHMCS Phone Number: Utilize WHMCS phone numbers for SMS.
  30. Birthday Greetings: Send SMS to clients on their birthdays.
  31. Admin Invoice Payment Notification: Alert admins when invoices are paid.
  32. View Logs: Easily access and review SMS logs.

Our management and settings pages offer flexibility to activate or deactivate any of these features and edit message contents as needed. Additionally, our gateway enables SMS sending to over 1,500 networks worldwide, ensuring you stay connected. Feel free to inquire about other countries of interest. Plus, we offer highly competitive rates for African destinations.

To enjoy Kenya’s most affordable SMS rates, sign up here: Bulk SMS by Lineserve

Experience the power of automated SMS communication with Lineserve’s Bulk SMS WHMCS Module.

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