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Bulk SMS is a way to send lots of text messages to many people using their phones.

In Kenya, things like Bulk SMS, Short Codes, and USSD have changed a lot. Now, you can easily send SMS messages to thousands of your clients, members, or potential customers with just a simple click on your computer keyboard.

Here are some important facts about mobile phones in Kenya:

  1. According to census data, out of the total population of 47,564,296 people in Kenya, 20,694,315 of them own a mobile phone. That’s about 43.5% of all Kenyans.
  2. Out of those 20.6 million Kenyans with mobile phones, 10,425,040 are female, and 10,268,651 are male.

This information shows that mobile phones are very common in Kenya, making Bulk SMS and other mobile communication methods very effective for reaching a large audience.


To get started with Bulk SMS in Kenya, there are a few requirements you need to meet:

  1. Sender ID Registration: You’ll need to register a Sender ID, which is the name that will appear as the sender of your messages. This registration typically takes 3-5 days to process. Your Sender ID should be alphanumeric (letters and numbers) and should be 11 characters or less.
  2. Authorization Letter: We will provide you with a template for an authorization letter. You should fill in your company details on your official company letterhead. In the letter, indicate the alphanumeric name you’ve chosen for your Sender ID. After filling it out, sign it, apply your company’s rubber stamp, scan it, and send it back.
  3. Official Company/Organization Details: We’ll need some information from you to set up your account. Please provide your name, email address, phone number, and the name of your company or organization. You can also create multiple user accounts if needed.
  4. Registration Fee: There may be a registration fee associated with each network you register for. Be sure to inquire about the specific charges for your chosen networks.
  5. Free Dashboard, Training, and Support: You’ll get access to a free dashboard where you can manage your Bulk SMS activities. Additionally, you should receive training and support to help you make the most of your Bulk SMS service.


Using Bulk SMS in Kenya comes with several benefits that can greatly enhance your communication efforts. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Fast Delivery in Seconds: Bulk SMS allows you to send messages to a large number of recipients, and these messages are typically delivered within seconds. This means your information can reach your audience quickly.
  2. User-Friendly Interface & API’s: Bulk SMS services often provide easy-to-use interfaces and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that make it simple to send messages and integrate SMS functionality into your applications or systems.
  3. Send to Large Groups Once: With Bulk SMS, you can send the same message to a large group of people simultaneously, saving you time and effort compared to sending individual messages.
  4. 100% Delivery on Active Numbers: Bulk SMS services prioritize delivering messages to active and valid phone numbers, ensuring that your messages reach their intended recipients effectively.
  5. Send Group and Scheduled SMS: You have the flexibility to send messages to specific groups or schedule messages to be sent at a later time or date, allowing you to plan your communications in advance.
  6. Upload from Excel Files: You can easily manage your contact lists by uploading them from Excel files, making it convenient to reach different groups of people with tailored messages.
  7. Add-Ons like Short Codes: Bulk SMS services often offer additional features like Short Codes, which can be used for various purposes such as running marketing campaigns, surveys, and interactive services.
  8. 99.99% Server Uptime: Reliable server uptime ensures that your messages can be sent at any time, minimizing disruptions to your communication plans.


The Features of Lineserve SMS:

  1. White Label Panel with API:
  • Gain access to a fully customizable panel that can be tailored to showcase your unique branding, including your logo and identity. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with your systems through powerful API capabilities.
  1. Multi-Level Reseller:
  • Expand your Bulk SMS business with ease through the Multi-Level Reseller feature. It empowers you to create reselling opportunities at various levels, offering a structured approach to growing your network.
  1. Sender ID Branding:
  • Personalize the sender’s name or ID that displays on the recipient’s phone screen. This customization adds a professional touch to your messages and contributes to enhanced brand recognition.
  1. Multiple Routes Available:
  • Ensure the efficient and reliable delivery of your messages by leveraging the Multiple Routes feature. It automatically selects the most optimal route, providing redundancy and reliability in message transmission.
  1. Monitor User Activity:
  • Gain valuable insights into platform usage with the ability to track and analyze user activity. This feature allows you to understand how the service is being utilized and make necessary adjustments for optimal performance.
  1. Sender ID for Testing:
  • Verify the appearance of your SMS messages using a designated sender ID for testing purposes. This ensures that your messages appear as intended before they are sent to your recipients.
  1. Already an Lineserve SMS Reseller? We will match or improve on any prices!
  • If you are an existing Lineserve SMS reseller, rest assured that they are committed to providing you with pricing that matches or even surpasses your expectations. This commitment ensures you receive competitive rates for your Bulk SMS services.
  1. Feature-Rich, Fast, and Reliable:
  • Count on a service that boasts a wide array of features, offering both speed and dependability. Your messages are guaranteed to be delivered promptly and consistently.
  1. Web-Based Software (Free Forever):
  • Access a user-friendly web-based software that comes at no cost indefinitely. You only need to acquire SMS top-ups and Sender IDs as you require them, making it a cost-effective solution.
  1. Fast & Quality Connections:
    • Rely on fast and high-quality connections to mobile networks. This commitment ensures swift and reliable delivery of your SMS messages to your intended recipients.

In summary, these features collectively make Lineserve SMS a versatile, efficient, and user-friendly Bulk SMS service in Kenya. It provides a comprehensive solution for all your messaging needs, promising both reliability and affordability.

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